10 Best Screenwriting Software Programs

Writing a screenplay is not easy. Scriptwriting is a demanding task that requires creativity, organization, and communication. Plus, screenwriting formatting is a nuisance that can bog down an already-frantic script writer. However, entertainment technology software makes screenwriting easier and enjoyable. It’s a great resource for filmmakers to use alongside other entertainment software for hiring, editing, and completing other important tasks. The 10 best screenwriting software programs currently include:

1. Final Draft

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Source: Final Draft

Final Draft is designed specifically for writing and formatting screenplays. It’s one of the most popular software in the TV and film industry. Final Draft has been around for quite some time, so it contains basic as well as advanced innovative features. Plus, it has a navigable and easy-to-use user interface.

What makes this screenwriting software unique is that it allows users to collaborate with their partners in real-time. It’s worth noting that this software also updates continuously. This means writers can enjoy new features frequently. With streamlined writing plus editing, Final Draft allows you to focus on your work efficiently and without worrying about script templates.

2. Causality

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Source: Causality

This new and unique screenwriting software allows screenwriters to develop their storylines visually. You can use it to plot your timelines and add in crucial moments to get a clear, visual overview of the story.

Even with complex storylines, Causality allows you to visualize everything. Its main feature is Story Logic, which helps you to develop your story with building blocks like Legos. There are other vital components include the timeline and the script template to help you complete your masterpiece. This software maps out all of these features to ensure that a screenwriter gets the perfect overview of their work. Causality offers users better control and even helps them to become better writers.

3. Slugline

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Source: Slugline

This is a simple and elegant screenwriting software. Slugline is available for iOS and MAC only. Although it’s quite expensive, this tool has a few interactive features that help to improve user productivity. The Apple software is suitable for those writers who are always on the move.

The app doesn’t come with features such as rulers, simulated cork boards, or buttons. However, it has automatic formatting with an integrated outlining. The iPhone-friendly software also allows you to export PDF files from your handset to other devices conveniently.

4. StudioBinder

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Source: StudioBinder

This is a free screenwriting software that features similar functionalities to other screenwriting programs. StudioBinder has added functionalities such as syncing, collaborating and sharing. It’s considered as one of the best software in the film industry due to its end-to-end feature. This means that you can use it to write a script from the preproduction to the production phase.

It’s a useful tool to create storyboards, automatically generate various shooting schedules, make call sheets, and shot lists. Furthermore, it is an intuitive software that’s easy to use. Therefore, screenwriters can focus on what they love to do.

5. Movie Magic Screenwriter

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Source: Movie Magic

This processing program contains multi-faceted and powerful features. It’s designed to help format novels, teleplays, and screenplays. The high-end, award-winning software is currently the only program that creates templates for all forms of creative writing.

Movie Magic uses an innovative system that consists of NaviDoc technology. Therefore, users can easily view the script’s outline, bookmarks, scene cards, and notes. Besides that, this professional program also comes with a real-time collaboration feature. There are also breakdown reports, index card view, templates that are professionally authored, and revision tracking. Generally, it’s one of the best in the group of screenwriting software, so be prepared to spend a lot of money.

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6. Fade In

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Source: Fade In

It’s considered as the most innovative software in the current times. Fade In features advanced components which make it stand out. It’s usually used by professionals to write TV and radio content. Besides that, it’s sufficient for the stage, video games, and motion pictures.

The software is highly versatile, so it’s available for Android and iOS devices, but you can use it with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Fade In is a feature-rich software. It supports several languages and features tools for navigating, organizing, and outlining screenplay. It’s worth noting that it’s also the perfect tool for revisions and rewrites.

7. Scrivener

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Source: Scrivener

This is a powerful app that makes content generation very easy. Scrivener contains a full word processor which helps to cater to different aspects of screenwriting. It serves as an excellent tool for creating screenplays.

While giving you total control over the document format, Scrivener allows you to focus on your work entirely. It features all the essential components that you need to create manuscripts, documents, metadata, and notes. This screenwriting software creates a script template that gives your work a nice touch, thanks to the automatic outline. With the premium management system, users can now perfectly organize documents, notes, and concepts.

8. WriterDuet

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Source: WriterDuet 

It’s the perfect screenwriting software for partners working remotely. WriterDuet enhances real-time collaboration thanks to a myriad of connecting features. They include a comment feature as well as a chatbox. These communication features help users to share information publicly or privately.

Besides those features, this screenwriting software enhances document organization and asset tagging. Note that WriterDuet allows users to work offline by providing a local backup. Once they reconnect to the internet, the data automatically syncs.

9. Celtx

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Source: Celtx

This is a basic software that’s affordable. Celtx is one of the most popular screenwriting tools with millions of users, and you can download it for free. The cloud-based program is designed to cater to the different needs of scriptwriters. It features standardized components for production-related tasks such as project management.

Celtx’s ability to seamlessly integrate pre-production tools is what makes it stand out. You can use it to create shot lists, call sheets, scheduling solutions, and storyboards. Besides that, it comes with several import formats, which includes MS Word, Final Draft, and PDF.

10. Trelby

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Source: Trelby

Trelby is a feature-rich, open-source software that’s ideal for aspiring screenwriters. The free program is simple and easy to use. Also, you can use it to export data to other software programs, which includes Celtx, Fade In, and Final Draft, among others.

The editor comes with several view options. In addition to that, it features spell-check, pagination as well as auto-completion. The free software also comes with reporting feature for scenes, characters, and locations. Note that you can customize Trelby to suit your personal needs if you are a coder. Its ability to generate the same content to a myriad of platforms is one of the things that makes it great.


In the past, screenwriting required attention to details in formatting. But with all these software systems listed above, you can stop worrying about margin measurements and capitalized letters. Screenwriters can tap into more creative ways to generate innovate  and exciting screenplays all thanks to screenwriting software. 

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