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Frequently asked questions

What is We The Project?

We The Project is an innovative all-in-one entertainment platform that offers idea creators the networking services and tools they need to pull together a team, develop their projects, build up a fan base and distribute finished products.

What kind of projects are on the site?

A project is defined as a singular production of content that a creator has submitted and is active. It can be any portion of the production phase. A project can be a film, a commercial, episodic, script development, post production, etc.

In regards to ownership, as a creator, I still own everything, right?

We The Project has no claims on your project whatsoever, other than being able to showcase your finished project on WTP to show others what can be done using our website and our powerful collaborator model. As a piece of copyrighted material, you own all the rights reserved under copyright law. However, if your project includes a revenue share deal, those individual collaborators who you have made a revenue share deal with remain active when it comes to profits made from that project.

What’s a creator?

A creator is a member of the site who is the originator of a project. So any member, otherwise known as a collaborator, can create his/her own project. For example, your two primary skills is a screenwriter and director, and you want to create a project that is a short film. You are the creator, or the originator of this project. You are in charge of this project as a project manager, and you control everything about the project – who you search out and select to work on your project with you.
Any member/collaborator can start a project. You don’t necessarily have to be a director. You could hire a director as a collaborator on a movie you want to shoot. You could bring on a producer to produce it. You could find a writer to help develop your script.

Who is considered talent?

Talent is anyone who is signed up as a member of this website. Providers can list two basic primary skills as to how they will be categorized - which you choose - when developing your member profile. For example, let’s say you're a video editor but also an actor. So your two primary skills are video editor and actor. You can, of course, list all your other skills on your profile page.

Is there a membership fee?

No, there is no cost for membership!