Kiki Chansamone



Award winning VFX artist, comic book artist, director and founder of We The Project


Over the last 3 decades Kiki Chansamone has been a comic book artist for DC and Marvel, VFX supervisor on television shows, music videos and a commercial director. He's enjoyed a very creative and exciting life filled with many unique set experiences. But all of this could have been very different.

Kiki Chansamone grew up in Utah during the 80s. He always wanted to become a professional artist but the adults in his family pointed out that he had no opportunities or connections. So at 12 years old, he gave up on his dream of becoming a professional creative. He put away his art supplies, and stopped drawing to focus on pursuing a practical career.

A move to California two years later (and being introduced to supportive teachers) helped him realize he had valuable skills and opened up the entire creative world to him. Looking back, he says “It made me wonder how many people are just one opportunity away from their dreams”. Kiki's 12-year-old self is the inspiration for his new venture, We The Project, an entertainment technology platform where aspiring creatives can pitch their ideas and connect with the right talent, crew, and production companies. The company helps talent build connections, find opportunities, and become discoverable in the entertainment industry.

“I want people to believe in opportunity. If you have the skillsets, there should be nothing that stops you from getting a chance.”

What to expect on the podcast: Kiki's mission is to help young creatives find the connections they need to showcase their work, and We The Project is his way of being the person his younger self needed.

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