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An Inventive Co-Founder, Podcaster, and Author that Creates for a Better Future


Zach Moreno is a Latino technologist, futurist, and co-founder of the innovative podcast service, Squadcast. He is connecting diverse creatives and amplifying remote collaboration on projects in over 100 countries with his emerging, bootstrap start-up. Moreno’s strong imagination and optimistic outlook enable him to problem solve and create with a greater good in mind.

“I believe this is the most creative thing I could possibly do because now I get to create something and innovate on a tool that helps other people be creative.”

Before Moreno was ever the CEO or CTO of a venture capital company, he was first a storyteller and science fiction enthusiast. His decision to develop a podcast system actually came after encountering quality issues while remotely recording a sci-fi audio drama for a side project. Once seeing how inventive and non-traditional a podcast could be, Moreno decided to create a platform that could be the change he wanted to see in podcast production.

“We're connecting creatives. We’re not just connecting for a meeting or a conversation but connecting for the creative experience, process, and workflow.”

In 4 short years, Moreno’ s constant forward thinking and the support of his team have led Squadcast to be measured highly in its field amongst competitors. A list of influential professionals like Gary Vaynerchuk and Guy Kawasaki have even taken notice and used Squadcast for their interviews. The level of quality in audio for hosts and guests is consistently being raised, and the company continues to make it possible for all creatives to record meaningful content and conversations from anywhere in the world without recording studios or expensive equipment.

“We’re always looking for folks that are outside of the initial design because it is a powerful set of tools, and it can be used for a lot of different things.”

Zach Moreno is a visionary that tirelessly aims to make progress for the future with every opportunity he has. The podcaster pours all of himself into his work and his stories as a personal duty to  “replenish the pool of ideas” that could one day be used by later generations. His positive message of public service and creativity deserves to echo on throughout the many years to come.

“Let’s be creative to try to paint a picture that is actually going to be inspiring to the next generation, not just a different shade of bleak.”

What to Expect: Zach Moreno discusses flipping the switch from interning at Google and working as web developer to co-founding a podcast company from the ground up. The author and CEO  shares his interesting take on rejecting dystopian science fiction and opens up about his plans to travel through space. Moreno also talks about advocating for the generation of creatives that follow and gives details on some of the unreleased features that are coming to Squadcast in the near future.

Written by: Quenton McKenzie